3 looks to rock your wedding season

“Burgundy pumps and gold sandals?… No, better! cream dress and burgundy pumps?” Two days later, “Maybe I should do burgundy jumpsuit and gold sandals?…But gold sandals? Too easy. Let’s go for another color maybe ?”
That was me, totally confused in the process of choosing an outfit for my Sis’ wedding. I was so not prepared, so not used to wedding prep. It was my first time attending a wedding of someone that close to me. You can imagine the stress, even more when you are the maid of honour! You definitely don’t want to be boring for your Sis’ wedding. I had to honor my bride! Eventually, I was totally satisfied of my choices – for quite last minute findings. I received a lot of compliments on my maid of honor looks and most important,  my bride completely loved them: mission accomplished!
She had two dates in the month. Plus, I had to attend another wedding of a good friend of mine a couple of weeks before as well. This summer was wedding season for me. It’s probably only the beginning. Let’s see how it goes for next years…

So, recap! Three weddings, 2 themes: powdery pink and peach shades for the first one in July and burgundy and ivory for the two others in August. I wanted to go elegant – as always – with a little bit of trend to stand out. I started looking for the “perfect outfits” two months before the beginning of my wedding season. For some friends it did sound too late but for me it was what I needed to avoid changing my mind three hundred times before the D-day. There would always be “the most beautiful dress ever” at anytime I would browse Asos. Indeed, Asos was my very best sponsor for these occasions. When you don’t really have time to go shopping in store, plus you have a modest budget for three wedding, Asos can definitely be your best friend. I will not deny that I also got lucky with Topshop, Mango and an unexpected find at Miss Selfridge.

Look 1
So here we are first with this first candy like look. I found this dress on sale at Miss Selfridge on a random hang out with a friend who came to visit. We love those lucky days. It was beginning June. At the time, I was starting being hopeless as I could not find anything interesting. I liked it, it was good price, it was a bright color, quite sexy, it was different from what I’m used: I got it.

wedding outfit
wedding outfit

Look 2
I finally decided for cream dress and burgundy shoes. If you ever consider to go for burgundy color for your wedding colors, know that you will not make it easy for your guests. After browsing the whole planet, looking for a nice burgundy dress or jumpsuit, I eventually dropped the idea. By the whole planet, I mean the whole planet on a budget which includes these playgrounds at the time:
The dress was quite impressive with openings (if I can name it like that) everywhere : the very low-cut neckline (trendy), the open back and the side slit (trendy). I really liked the puff sleeves (trendy) and the bottom corolla cut. I felt like my transparent beads bag fitted perfectly well.  My burgundy varnish sandals were not that obvious but they added something sexy.

wedding outfit
wedding outfit
wedding make-up
My light make-up I loved made by my MUA Sis @etoungwinnie
wedding outfit
Pic with baby Sis to show you the back of the dress

Look 3
Then, this third look for the church really was kind of precious with this big bow. Here, I liked the asymmetric neckline and the corolla cut again. I wore the same red shoes I wore with the candy pink dress.

Playing with my dress
wedding outfit

Asos ended up being of a great help for my wedding outfits, especially the brand True Violet. I wanted to share these wedding looks with you in case your wedding season is not over or it is upcoming. For my part, I will take a break from weddings for a moment. But before leaving let me share this bonus treat with you.

Look 4 (Treat yourself)
This dress caught my eyes on Asos (yes, again) when I was looking for my wedding outfits. I would definitely recommend it for a wedding despite the dark background. I really liked the asymmetric cut, the puff sleeve, the flower pattern. But I could not have wear it at any of the weddings I was attending #respectthetheme #dontruinyourgirlsdeco. So I treated myself! You don’t always need to have a wedding to be well dressed. Dress up for yourself on a random day to make it special. That’s what I did. I wore it on a random day during my holidays in Cameroon. Booboo and I were taking my parents to the restaurant in that same “treat yourself mindset”.

wedding outfit

Back to the dress, I will probably shorten it a little more in the future for a better fit. Let’s see. Which one is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts.


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