How to give a twist to your lace in 3 looks

I found myself exploring an unexpected summer fabric recently. It was above 40°C in Paris while we were still wearing jackets in London. However summer finally showed up lately. But before getting into these warm days, let’s remember the fresh London breeze.

What was that unexpected in my latest fashion compositions? Lace! Is lace still a thing at the moment? I don’t think so, neither for tops nor bottoms. Current trends are more about plain tee-shirts, flowery or dotty vintage look dresses and skirts (if you’re ever thinking of getting ones, midi and long lengths would be the most in). I would also add satin there. In any case, lace is not on the list. Does that mean you should get rid of all your lace clothes or even prevent yourself from buying some? Not at all. You only need to bring it back into fashion.

Do not ask me why but I recently felt a vivid appeal for the lace transparency. I have not tried wearing it braless yet but it’s underway, already have some compositions in mind. So, I had this sleeveless black lace top I bought 3 years ago at Zara, that long sleeves white top I bought on Mango outlet (my favourite for good deals) a year ago and finally a short sleeves red one recently bought on sale at Zara again. On these looks, I tried not to wear them in a too ordinary way so they would not look outdated.

Black lace

I wore this one in an overall trendy yet classic composition: houndstooth patterned blazer, wide white denim pants, summer most wanted strap cord sandals and pearled purse.

Blazer: Mango
Trousers: Bershka
Sandals: & Other Stories
Handbag: Topshop
Earrings: Monki

White lace

I also counted on my strap cord sandals on this second look. The opening of the long side button denim skirt added a delicious note to this good-girl overall look.

Jacket: Zara
Skirt: Asos
Bag: Michael Kors

Red lace

Finally, I played with colors for this last one. Burgundy really goes well with vivid red. Actually, I wanted to tried this color combination last winter: vivid red boots with these burgundy trousers but I did never found a pair which looked nice enough to me – no big deal. I kind of made it happen here with this high waist burgundy tapered trousers bought on Asos three years ago (motto here: always rethink your clothes). Then, to avoid the boredom, I brought some cool to these classic pieces with statement sneakers: dear Adidas Falcon. They will make you fall for the streetwear trend.

There is always a way to twist old or classic pieces. Let me know what look is your favourite.

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