You will never go wrong with this classic winning combo

From classic to à la mode

Sometimes classic compositions bear a kind of all-time style quintessence. How can you be off track when you choose a little black dress or an all-“any color” everything look? There is no way. It must be so for blue jeans and white shirts too. It is a universal, forever winning combo. You will just have to play on cuts depending on your inspiration of the moment: preppy, vintage, streetwear, avant-garde… It is up to you. It could not have been no exception to the rule even on holidays in Marrakesh.

I played it modern casual. A large white shirt from Mango (I got since 2015), mom blue jeans from Bershka (since 2014), pretty gold-leaf earrings from Zara (since last year), a hint of late golden hour to finish the look and that is all there is to it!

Add a twist with accessories

Turns out that I did not mentioned my ultimate accessory you can see on the pictures right above. So yes, last but not least, the perfect it-bag: my raffia mini pompom bucket bag from Edun. I must have developed something with mini bags lately, but this size simply speaks to me – let’s see how this mini passion will evolve. As a matter of fact, you cannot get it wrong with a mini bag these days. Choose outstanding accessories for the win. For example mini bags are trendy and even more when wore by hand. This special one also goes with the wicker bag trend which has been running for two years now.

But why do I love my mini pompom bag? By now, you have already noticed that its shape seduces me. I am also keen on bicolor associations. Plus, the geometric look of the pattern syncs with my enthusiasm for structured forms. The small pompoms level up its cuteness for more femininity. Therefore, I know its style will let me wear it for years. Finally, and more than anything, this bag stems from a sustainable manufacturing process. I am pro “Do good, buy good”.

We love fashion but we care

I see you coming with a sidelong look like “You are talking sustainability but you’re wearing fast-fashion Honey!”. Yes, I do. But I take time before buying new pieces:  How many times do I think I will wear this piece? Will it fit with the other pieces in my wardrobe already? How do I look to the future with it (yes Sweetheart, we are talking about building real relationships here)? I try not just to pile clothes up in my wardrobe. I even try to give them all a story and special roles (on how they inspire me) in my wardrobe.

Even so, I know I still have to put much effort on my shopping habits. Considering my first constraint is always the budget (you know what I mean), I often feel like I have no options. But we always have options: some are easier, others are not. We just need to believe in what we do and adapt. For instance, I think of giving more time to thrift shopping. And if I have the occasion to buy a conscious made piece in my budget, I go for it. This is the reason why buying this bag means a lot to me. This purchase supports an ethical fashion initiative, it supports the craft of artisans – in Africa, in this special case.

This is what I want to bring to the world: my love and support in what I believe in.

You can find more details about the brand vision here.



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