On self-love and relief

Issa wrap

I see my determination in the blog writing as a healing process. It’s about creating your own space where you can be true to yourself, where you can write about whatever you have in mind. It can be light-hearted at times, or often lively, full of hope but also gloomy sometimes. My writings will simply be full of the feelings and emotions I go through. You will probably think, why not just being yourself in your everyday life and get your stories off the internet? As absurd as it may sound, being yourself nowadays is still a right you have to fight for. Most of the time, you will make decisions some people – close to you or not – will not understand. But for your own sake, you will have to follow your gut and grow a strong self-confidence so you will not drown into doubts’ waves – you will know your worth. You will have to grow a stronger self-love so that you will live in peace with your mind and body.  You will have to be indulgent with yourself whenever you will not be as great as you expected. You will owe you that much respect.

No one says it is going to be easy. I say it is not easy. You will have to work, to strive for what you believe in. You will be allowed to ask for help.

But at the end of the day you will be you. You will be free.

Then you will love. Then you will be grateful.


6 thoughts on “On self-love and relief

  1. Writing and blogging can be a fantastic therapy at times. I, too, write in order to heal myself. I smiled when I read what you said how being oneself is still a right one has to fight for. I keep telling people this thing.

    They say we’re all entitled to our opinions and our desired lifestyle. They say we have a right to live our lives for us. Yet when people see us doing something that doesn’t conform to THEIR principles, they try to impose on us. They try to turn us into them. What happened to “live and let live”?

    But, in the end, we’ll be fine. We all will be.


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