TONGORO by Sarah Diouf

Ethereal grace.

You cannot be wearing the Aziri jumpsuit or even the new in Naira dress and hide the gracious motion the large silk fabric gives to your moves at the same time. No, first fact goes with the second.

Tongoro pieces are a whole set of dresses, ensembles, jumpsuits all wide, flare, loose and light.

For the eyes, you will be blown away through the various prints – sometimes graphic, sometimes animals, sometimes dots, sometimes flowers – shading from black (and white), muddy brown to marine colors and a hint of light in the flowery and graphic prints.

While translating the two words rhythm and easy with flowing silk fabric, Tongoro’s imagery also communicates a deep connection between the wearer and the elements, between the wearer and earth.

Besides being one of the most prominent African fashion brands, Tongoro is also affordable: all you need to give it a try.

Last summer, I missed her flash sale here in Paris. Hope she will be back for a longer time this year. Finger crossed.

Discover more on the website.

After scrolling the website, I guarantee you will picture yourself walking the street on a warm windy day like the models staring in the brand’s promotional videos.

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