Loza Maléombho by Loza Maléombho

Loza Maléombho’s designs and I met 4 years ago I guess. It all started with the Zebra sandals. A smart – and above all stylish – evolution of what we called tchaka in my childhood. This could have not much touched my heart. Actually, they have turned trendy since then, since you can find some fancy ones at Gucci (link for your curiosity).

But honestly the Zebra sandals have that je-ne-sais-quoi of strength that makes me think of an Amazon. With the strength of such figure, wearing ones really is a bold style assertion.

Besides these lovely ones, you also have the Fah Regal sandals for a softer fashion declaration, declined in leather or Perspex. These will be a delight both for men and women.

Structure game.

More generally, Loza Maléombho plays shapes and fabric matches to bring together a West African traditional heritage and contemporary urban fashion.  

You will notice Akan gold masks, raffia yokes, hessian, Kita, Baoulé or wax fabrics across the collections as references to West African customs.

At the same time, with armours-like geometric tops and jackets, asymmetric flounces: the line is often unexpected. Silk and organza underline femininity in a harmony where brightness goes with lightness (not to mention that sequins bring it to another level in the AW18 collection).

Then the unmissable attachés* go on from ties and knots to quirky belts and harnesses in SS19 collection. Yes, Virgil Abloh is not the only one in that game.

So, from now on, join the tribe and discover more.

* consider the bows, the knots, the ties, the straps crossing you can see across on the looks across the collections  

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