Stripes on stripes

Winter is here but let’s get back to warmth and almost bare legs with this prints matching look.

Stripes are always a safe bet as long as you don’t become too classic. The fashionable ones are the verticals. Not that you will have to give up on your marinière -it’s an all-time piece- but if you have not tried vertical stripes yet then you should jump into the trend. You can find them on a various range of clothes: trousers (especially the large fluid ones and a little less on tapered ones now), shirts, jumpsuits shorts, skirts and dresses. I think it’s been 3 years now that stores are full of trendy stripes, varying in sizes and colours.

Here I let you appreciate an overall striped look so that you can see that stripes can work with other stripes in a same look. It’s a matter of size and colours and you can play with both. For my look, each piece on its own is quite simple but put together, they look way more in vogue.

Plus, we do not forget to enhance the overall with a perfect reptile -hit print of this winter- mini bag!

PS: I kept my cowries’ ankle bracelet habit from holidays 😉

Blazer: Mango
Trousers: Zara
Bag: Mango
Earrings: Mango

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