Little Pink

I’m finally back! 

Work and academic obligations make a blogger’s routine a strong obstacles course. But here we are, back for new adventures altogether. What have you been doing for this time? How was the return from summer holidays in September? How are you facing the coming winter?  You might have seen on Instagram, that I went to Italy, South Italy more precisely. I will let you discover a bit of my break there in the article Views of Puglia.

For this come back, I will start with visuals I was eager to share with you since… June. Yes, it seems like forever. But won’t you agree with thinking a little back of the warm sun which just left us for the fresh windy autumn? Sure, you will.

That sunny day, I went strolling in the poetic Montmartre. I decided both to enjoy that poetry and to be a part of it: walking the nice cobbled streets and swinging my tulle skirt around as you can see below.

I paired my ballet skirt with a vintage style shirt to try something different. You can combine a tulle skirt with so many kind of tops: blouses, tee-shirts, crop tops, blue jean shirts, jumpers, audacious wireless lace bras. Actually, it’s easier to style than what it looks like. If you need yours, Asos offers a wide range ofcolours and design. For my part, I would buy a dark green midi one if I had tochoose a new one. What would be yours?

Shirt : Urban Outfitters
Skirt : Cache Cache
Sandals : Parfois

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