Lavand Blue

Here I come with a freestyle shoot made the evening before my holidays departure (photos of the latter are coming).

6pm, day before departure, 5 suitcases to prepare for a go-ahead at 5am the next day, I have not even started yet to think about all my outfits for the days to come, I know I will not sleep a lot and have to drag my tired-out face during the whole trip. But “ Hey what a great time to shoot! Plus, my braids are still ok and it’s the perfect hair for this outfit”. Sure you also agree the elements were all aligned for a great result…

Now what this clothes combination is all about:  a small purple jumper I thrift shopped (perfect color which goes a long way among trends this spring), a lavand blue high-waist trousers added to the dazzling whiteness of a well-cut blazer makes it all a floral inspired look, without the flowers. See you can get your inspirations everywhere: straight or abstract.

Talking structure: elegance, for the squared lines of the shoulder worn blazer matches stature, for the high-top braids bun, making it all a chic apparel balanced with stylish casual mules for your elegant occasions. 😉




Outfit review : Jumper Thrift Shop/ Trousers Asos/ Blazer Mango/ Shoes Jonak/ Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs / Earring Parfois

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