You Matter

« I want to blog. »

The idea came to me once, but « I did not have time for « this » ». The idea came twice, but « naah I’m not cool enough ». The idea came a third time, but « people will make fun of me » and so on. I would always find a reason going against my own will. Why that ? Doubts. I would always doubt my decisions, my skills, who I was. Because other people could always be better than me or because I felt that I was not legit for the job. I would not have enough confidence to sweep all these allegedly « good reasons » for not risking myself.

Fortunately, I did not stay in that mindset for ever. Everyone might face this moment in life when one realizes that it is no big deal being who you are with all your flaws. From that moment, you free yourself from doubts and start thinking that you can do whatever you want. Because, before anything else, you are all that matters.

You might probably consider that someone is already doing the job better on the planet. But the question is: who cares ? Being the best is not always the point. The real challenge here is to allow ourselves to purely be, without any external considerations. And I mean it so much. It took me some time to understand it but things just happen at the right time.

I am this kind of person who doubts everything : am I this enough ? am I too much that ? But I try to fight these thoughts everyday. No matter if some people don’t like it, no matter if some people make fun of me, no matter if it is not the best blog in the game. As far as I fully live it, I think that’s all that matters.


I don’t pretend I know the truth (oh hell no), but you live, you learn.

… And they lived happily ever after. Yes I know, that’s how it sounds like but I love it 😉


Nghaps says, you matter.



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