Milan was love

Back to Milano.

I went back to Milan a couple of weeks ago with my class for a culture trip in the italian fashion capital. You might not know yet, but I’m taking classes dealing with fashion this year. Sounds super sexy right ? Yes, it is. Even if it can be a lot of work, it’s super enriching. It helps me learning everyday a little more about the fashion industry, which was really important for me to move forward.

So getting back to the trip itself. We travelled with almost the whole class of about 30 persons. To be honest, I was a little concerned beforehand as I sometimes feel not being a group kind of person. Of course I get on well with everyone but I, sometimes, need my own space. That’s why I thought I could « suffer » being all the time with such a large group.

Now I’m glad to say it went all the opposite of my doubts. In a class, you will always have teams. People put themselves together according to their interests, personalities, vision of life and so on. And it is cool. But going beyond these differences and seeming divisions is more than magic (you will learn I find magic everywhere). When these small groups gather together, what happen next is just love.

It might sound childish but I really felt it. We, the class, the students, have so different backgrounds : different stories, come from different places and environments, are different ages. We used to spend time altogether, and never tried to knock at the door of another team. We never had the opportunity to take time to talk deeper with this one or that one from another group. And Milan made it happen : all the doors were opened to welcome everyone.  This has to be the main reason why I loved that time spend altogether.

Since Milan, we spend time sending love to each other all the time and I would admit I go to class every week not only for the class itself but also because I miss all my Doudous.

Love them all ❤

You will see some of them on the pictures but other are missing.

Nghaps, with love

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