Cute Gold


Commenting a look is not always the easiest thing peeps, trust me. When you have the look idea itself, it’s way quicker than that. You think about an overall : the top, the bottom, the shoes. All the clothes and accessories dance all over your head and there you have the final cast. After that, the only thing you have in mind is shooting this super style you pictured. So, you shoot it with the help of your best caring photographer, indeed who else would be pleased to take one million photographs for you to let you choose only 2 or 3 of them at the end to satisfy your demanding wants?

Then yes, commenting is a whole different ballgame. How will I explain this cutie little gold skirt I bought in promotion on mangooutlet website which just popped one day in my head as the perfect match for this lovely blouse I found in a vintage shop ? Plus, how will I convince you that shooting when visiting my brother in London was the most accurate choice for this outfit?  Well peeps, it just happened. But for now I let you appreciate the whole thing. And feel free to tell me your thoughts about it.




Outfit review

Blouse : vintage shop

Skirt : Mango

Coat: Mango

Shoes: Public Desire

Pouch : Marc by Marc Jacobs

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